Advocacy Efforts

In 2014, UPAL coined the term childrenism after the city of Petersburg, VA failed to implement a $1.1 million HUD grant resulting in the grant funds being rescinded and several children being poisoned by lead.  


We define childrenism as the systematic discrimination against children, gross negligence, gross dereliction of one’s responsibility to children, and practical opposition to the safety and wellness of children with willful disregard and failure to protect children in one's charge. #childlivesmatter!

Sergio Gray 
Sergio Gray was poisoned by lead in Norfolk, Virginia in 1991. After many years of minimal treatment, he was, at the tender age of 18, sentenced to 40 years in prison.  Lead poisoning has always been linked to juvenile delinquency, criminal delinquency, violent crimes, and impulsive behavior. Lead’s grip on Sergio is no different. The year Sergio was poisoned, there were several other babies in the same apartment building that were also severely poisoned, one to the point of death. 

UPAL is actively working with Sergio’s mother, Mrs. Roycinda Alexander, to secure his release.  On her behalf we have contacted the National Clemency Project, Inc.  and learned that $1,750 is needed to enlist their assistance for Sergio's release. Please  contact UPAL today to learn how you can support our efforts to free Sergio.  

Sergio Gray as a child

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