About UPAL

United Parents Against Lead (UPAL) is a national networking organization of and for parents of lead poisoned children working to end the continuing threat of lead poisoning and other environmental hazards through:







UPAL, FOUNDED BY PARENTS OF LEAD POISONED CHILDREN, is committed first and foremost to ensuring the basic rights of all children to live in a safe and healthy environment. United by our experiences and commitment to children, we know firsthand the effects of lead poisoning and irreparable damage and suffering caused by this preventable disease. Parents have a responsibility to bring children's voices and experiences into the national dialogue and remind participants that children's health and safety is ultimately everyone's responsibility.

UPAL IS DEDICATED TO ASSISTING FAMILIES AND COMMUNITIES AFFECTED BY ENVIRONMENTAL HAZARDS AND PROVIDES SUPPORT AND GUIDANCE in organizing chapters in states and local communities. UPAL promotes proactive steps to prevent children's exposure to lead instead of parents "learning after the fact." UPAL provides parents with resources and information that will empower them to make informed health decisions.

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